CYAS 3v3 Street Basketball Rules

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League communications will happen via the bluesombrero registration system. 

In the event of inclement weather all players will be messaged through that system. So be sure to register.


Any rules not explicitly stated here will be governed by the IAABO rule book.





Sportsmanship is required in this league. Such as:

       Pray before and after games (optional if not Catholic), and shake hands after games

       Be conscious of who you are guarding so as to avoid injury

       Encourage and engage players that are not as athletic/skilled, these are rec. leagues!

Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated and may result in ejection from games or the league. This includes:

       Recruiting stacked teams (in casual leagues) & running up the score

       foul language (including the Lord’s name taken in vain), racial slurs and verbal abuse

       unnecessary roughness and/or physical abuse

       acting out of anger, including throwing equipment or personal items

       arguing with staff, participants, or fans

       abuse of the honor system

       show good sportsmanship whether victory or defeat

       Respect the integrity and judgment of CYAS representatives and be responsible for your own actions

Sportsmanship Rating:


      The Sportsmanship Rating will be added into the league standings.  The end of the season tournament standings are determined on the point system that a win is worth 6 points, a tie is worth 3 points, and a loss is worth 0 points.  With the sportsmanship rating, during each game, every team is able to receive a maximum of 10 points per game.

      Sportsmanship Policy:  Teams will be given a sportsmanship rating by the officials & commissioner after each game.  The scores are determined as follows:

    4 - Excellent Conduct and Sportsmanship – Players cooperate fully with the officials and the opposing team’s members.  The captain calmly converses with officials about rule interpretations and calls.  The captain also has full control of his/her teammates.

    3 – Good Conduct and Sportsmanship – Team members verbally complain about some decisions made by the officials and/or show minor dissension.  Teams that receive 1 severe behavioral penalty will receive no higher than a 3.0 rating

    2 - Average Conduct and Sportsmanship – Team shows verbal dissent towards officials and/or the opposing team.  Captain exhibits minor control over his/her teammates, but is in control of their own temper.  Teams receiving multiple behavior fouls will receive no higher than a 2.0 rating.

    1 – Below Average Conduct and Sportsmanship – Teams constantly comment to the officials and/or the opposing team from the field and/or sidelines. The team captain exhibits little or no control over teammates and/or himself/herself.  A team which receives an ejection can receive no higher than a 1.0 rating.

    0 – Poor Conduct and Sportsmanship – Team is completely uncooperative.  Captain has no control over teammates, and/or their own temper.  Any team causing a game to be forfeited, other than by not showing, or receives multiple ejections shall receive a 0.0 rating.

      A team that receives a 0.0 rating must have their captain meet with a CYAS representative before they are eligible to play their next contest.

      A team winning a contest by Forfeit or Honest Effort Forfeit will receive a 4.0 rating

Team Substitutions- If a team does not have enough players to field a team, they may get a substitute:

        From another team (a “League Registrant”), if the game is not a tournament game.

        From outside the league, but they must sign a liability waiver (even if they have played in another season).

        If the substitute is from outside the league they may only play in two (2) regular season games without registering on a team’s roster. An outside player must register and officially join the team roster online in order to play in any tournament game, and they must have played in at least one (1) season game (as evidenced by having a sub waiver on file).


      In order to exhibit respect for the spirit of the game and fellow players, protesting after a call is not allowed. Captains are encouraged to email the commissioner and/or CYAS staff after the games to voice complaints/suggestions with courtesy.

      Captains are the only team personnel who can dispute the rules / fouls with a CYAS facilitator. Please note that arguing or expressing aggressive behavior towards a ruling / call is subject to a technical foul. 



Uniform and equipment:

      Basketball shoes or athletic shoes shall be worn by all players.

      Jewelry must be removed or taped (for bracelets, rings, earrings) prior to participation. Players on the court with illegal uniform/jewelry will be assessed a technical foul penalty (2 shots and the ball).

      ALL articles not part of the uniform must be removed such as towels, baseball caps, etc. Equipment used to hold or tie the hair must be soft.  No hard barrettes, combs, etc. will be permitted.

      A men’s size basketball will be used for all games. CYAS will have a gameball for use on site

      No cargo shorts. PLEASE WEAR ATHLETIC SHORTS OR PANTS without pockets to help avoid injuries.

Start of the Game, Number of Players, Coed-Rules

      There will be a five (5) minute grace period for teams unprepared to play, but one (1) point will be deducted from their sportsmanship score. After 5 minutes the unprepared team will lose a game point for every minute of waiting for players, up to 10 minutes total at which point the unprepared team will take a forfeit.

      Three (3) players shall constitute a team, one (1) minimum of either gender. Two (2) players is the minimum for a game to start.  Teams are encouraged to have a total of 5-6 players for subs.

      3v3 Basketball will be played with no referee. Each team will keep their own score and call their own fouls.

      Each game is played on a half court. 

      1st possession of the ball is decided by free-throw shots. Home team will pick their best shooter. If he/she misses, it is the other team's ball.

      If the ball is stolen, hits the rim, or is air-balled, the opposing team must take it back to the top of the 3-point line before proceeding to shoot.

In Game Substitutions

      Substitutions may be made in dead ball situations only. 

Game Time, Play Clock and Time Outs

       Each game will be played to 21 points, with a water break taking place after a team makes it to 11 points. “3 point shots” will be scored as 2 points and “2 point shots” shall be regarded as 1 point.

       1 time-out is given to each team per game. An additional time-out may be given when injury presents itself.

      Teams must win by a difference of at least 2 points.



    A player shall not remain for more than three seconds in his/her own free throw lane with both feet while the ball is in control of the player's team in his/her own front court.  Allowance shall be made for a player who, having been in the restricted area for less than three seconds, dribbles or moves in to try for a goal.  If the player passes off after the dribble it is a violation. 


    A player shall not excessively swing his/her arms or elbows, even though there is no contact with an opponent.  If swinging results in contact with an opponent, it is of course, a foul regardless of the force with which the arms and elbows are swung.

Closely Guarded

    It is a violation for a closely guarded player (opponent defending him/her within five feet) anywhere in his/her front court to hold the ball for five seconds.


      There will be NO DUNKING or RIM GRABBING allowed at any point including warm-ups. Technical Fouls shall be assessed to players violating this policy.

Technical Fouls

      Teams shall not:

    Have more than three players participating simultaneously.

    Be granted excessive timeouts without penalty.

    Play in an unsafe or inhospitable manner that is disruptive to the recreational nature of play.



    A flagrant or intentional foul is treated as a technical foul.

    A player who receives 2 technical fouls shall be disqualified from game play that day, required to leave the venue immediately, and their ability to return will be determined and communicated by the commissioner later that week.

    Any individual who commits four technical fouls during the season will be suspended indefinitely. They will then need to submit a letter to CYAS requesting to be reinstated and explaining why they should be allowed to continue.

    Any team (which includes their fans) who commits 3 technical fouls in the same game shall immediately lose, receive a 0 sportsmanship, and be required to leave the venue.

    Any team (including spectators) which commits five technical fouls during the season will be dropped from the league.