CYAS Knockerball Rules

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League communications will happen via the bluesombrero registration system. Please make sure all players are registered, or they may miss league communications, including any weather cancellations/delays.


Any rules not explicitly stated here will be generally accepted soccer rules.





Sportsmanship is required in this league. Such as:

       The officials are volunteers that give time to make your game more enjoyable; please thank them after every game for offering their time! We encourage you to buy them food/drinks after the games (it doubtfully will help you on the field, but can’t hurt).

       All games are in the hands of the officials. Any questions/discussions about the rule interpretations should go through the team captain.

       Pray before and after games (optional if not Catholic), and shake hands after games

       Be conscious of who you are guarding so as to avoid injury

       Go out to the socials and comingle with other teams

       Encourage and engage players that are not as athletic/skilled, these are rec. leagues!

Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated and may result in ejection from games or the league. This includes:

       Recruiting stacked teams (in casual leagues) & running up the score

       foul language (including the Lord’s name taken in vain), racial slurs and verbal abuse

       unnecessary roughness and/or physical abuse

       acting out of anger, including throwing equipment or personal items

       arguing with officials, staff, participants, or fans

       abuse of the honor system

       show good sportsmanship whether victory or defeat

       Respect the integrity and judgment of CYAS representatives and be responsible for your own actions

       failure to provide volunteer referees/scorekeepers when assigned

Sportsmanship Rating:


      The Sportsmanship Rating will be added into the league standings.  The end of the season tournament standings are determined on the point system that a win is worth 6 points, a tie is worth 3 points, and a loss is worth 0 points.  With the sportsmanship rating, during each game, every team is able to receive a maximum of 10 points per game.

      Sportsmanship Policy:  Teams will be given a sportsmanship rating by the officials & commissioner after each game.  The scores are determined as follows:

    4 - Excellent Conduct and Sportsmanship – Players cooperate fully with the officials and the opposing team’s members.  The captain calmly converses with officials about rule interpretations and calls.  The captain also has full control of his/her teammates.

    3 – Good Conduct and Sportsmanship – Team members verbally complain about some decisions made by the officials and/or show minor dissension.  Teams that receive 1 severe behavioral penalty will receive no higher than a 3.0 rating

    2 - Average Conduct and Sportsmanship – Team shows verbal dissent towards officials and/or the opposing team.  Captain exhibits minor control over his/her teammates, but is in control of their own temper.  Teams receiving multiple behavior fouls will receive no higher than a 2.0 rating.

    1 – Below Average Conduct and Sportsmanship – Teams constantly comment to the officials and/or the opposing team from the field and/or sidelines. The team captain exhibits little or no control over teammates and/or himself/herself.  A team which receives an ejection can receive no higher than a 1.0 rating.

    0 – Poor Conduct and Sportsmanship – Team is completely uncooperative.  Captain has no control over teammates, and/or their own temper.  Any team causing a game to be forfeited, other than by not showing, or receives multiple ejections shall receive a 0.0 rating.

      A team that receives a 0.0 rating must have their captain meet with a CYAS representative before they are eligible to play their next contest.

      A team winning a contest by Forfeit or Honest Effort Forfeit will receive a 4.0 rating

      A team that does not provide any required refs/timers/scorekeepers where assigned will receive a 0 sportsmanship point rating on their previous game, or next game if it is the first week.

Team Substitutions- If a team does not have enough players to field a team, they may get a substitute:


      In order to exhibit respect for the spirit of the game and fellow players, protesting after a call is not allowed. Captains are encouraged to email the commissioner and/or CYAS staff after the games to voice complaints/suggestions with courtesy.

      Captains are the only people able to discuss calls with the refs.  Please remember that there is a difference between discussion and arguing.  Arguing will result in a technical foul, but discussion or seeking explanation is okay.

      Officials have the right to eject a player from a game with or without warning for unsportsmanlike behavior, including complaining, arguing, vulgar language or any other unsportsmanlike conduct. 




·         5 PLAYERS ON THE FIELD (3 male - 2 female)

·         4 - 12-MINUTE QUARTERS



·         FEMALE SCORE = 2, MALE SCORE = 1




Co-ed Rules & Team Size:

·         Each team shall field no more than 5 players (3 male/2 female) at any one time. Teams with less than 2 females will play short.

·         Captains may agree, before the game, to override this ratio requirement for both teams.


Game Time, Over-time & Time-outs:

·         Play will be divided into (4) 12-minute quarters separated by 3-minute breaks.

·         There will be a running clock maintained by a referee who will advise both teams when there is one minute remaining in each quarter.

·         The clock will stop during injury time-outs only.

·         Each team will have 2 time-outs per game.

·         Any delay tactics, (kicking the ball far out of bounds) will allow the referee (at his/her discretion) to stop the clock. 

·         Referees will blow the whistle three times consecutively to either stop play, or to signal the end of a half and/or game. All players must STOP if they hear the signal.

·         If play is stopped by the referee, it will be resumed by one blow of the whistle to resume play


Start of the Game

      The officials watch will be the timepiece used to decide game time. There will be a five (5) minute grace period for teams unprepared to play, but one (1) point will be deducted from their sportsmanship score. After 5 minutes the unprepared team will give the first ball to the opposing team.

      Kick-off – the ball will be placed in the center of the field, and teams line up along their goal line. When the whistle blows, teams may run to the ball for possession. This will occur every time a goal is scored.


In Game Substitutions

      It is best to make all substitutions in between quarters. To substitute a player during the quarter, the player coming off of the field will have to completely vacate the field, remove their equipment and allow another player to put on their equipment.

      The clock will not stop unless there is an injury. In the event of an injury time-out, players may substitute, but the refs may start the game without waiting for the new players to enter the game, if the injured person is cleared to continue.

      All substituted players will be checked for equipment by a referee before entering onto the field


General Game Rules

·         There are no off-sides.

·         Ball in Bubble – If the ball lands in a bubble, play will stop and the ball retrieved. The referee will then conduct a “drop ball” with one member from each team.

·         Drop Ball – 1 player from each team will stand 5 yards away from the ball, as the ball hits the ground each player may charge towards the ball to retrieve it.


Goalkeepers & Goal Box

·         Teams will not be allowed to have a goalkeeper.

·         A goal box will be marked off in front of each goal. It will extend 4 paces/yards out and 2 paces/yard to each side of the goal posts. All players (offensive and defensive) must remain outside this area unless the ball is inside the goal box. If the defense is clearly in the goal box area before any shot on goal takes place, and then legally (without the use of the hands) deflects a shot, it will result in the following: A penalty shot on an open goal 15 paces/yards out. If a player enters the goal box unintentionally without interfering with the course of play, this will not result in a penalty shot. Repeated occurrences will result in a 15-yard penalty shot. This is up to the ref’s discretion. 


Out of Bounds & Corner Kicks

·         Anytime the ball goes over either sideline, out of bounds, a kick-in will ensue.

·         Anytime the ball crosses an end line, a corner kick or goal kick will ensue.

o   Last touched by a defender- a corner kick. Ball is placed on nearest corner and kicked in by offensive team. Goals may be scored on corner kicks. All players must be outside the goal box until the ball enters the goal box and the defense must be at least 4 paces from the corner.

o   Last touched by attacker. A goal kick by the defense.


Safety and Equipment

      Excessive force bumps without the intent to gain possession of the ball OR without the intent to clear the path of the ball to the goal, can and will be penalized with a 2 min penalty based on referee’s discretion. Depending on the case, especially when these bumps are from blind spots & when safety of the opponent is endangered, referee has the authority to eject a player.

      Bumping the opponents outside the boundary cones is NOT legal. A bump inside the playing field that results in an opponent falling outside that playing area is legal.

      Players who are knocked to the ground during play must be allowed to get up before being contacted again by the opposing team. Referees will strictly enforce this rule as a players legs are vulnerable when trying to stand up and to ensure safety.

      Each player must be in a “Battle Ball” prior to stepping on the field. The equipment shall be worn fully-inflated and over the shoulders with shoulder straps that are snug to ensure that the player is secured tightly inside the ball.

      Players must wear tennis shoes or turf shoes, soccer cleats will not be allowed. Shin guards and kneepads are recommended but not required.

      No jewelry or other sharp objects may be worn during play or in the Battle Ball. Glasses may be used, however will need to be worn with an eyewear retainer to keep them on the player at all times.



·         Sand Diego Knockerball® (SDKB) will provide a referee(s) for each soccer match.

·         Referee(s) will have final say in any judgment call or issue regarding rules.

·         Refs have the power to remove any player(s) from a game and/or the season, if deemed necessary.

·         Any rules clarification must be brought to the attention of SDKB staff member prior to the continuance of the game.