8v8 Flag Football
In partnership with St. Thomas More

Sundays, July 21st - Sept 15th(Skip Sept 1st) 5-7pm
Minimum of 2 women on the field at all times

$640 EARLY Bird Price Ends June 23rd 
$65 EARLY Free Agent Price Ends June 23rd
$900 Regular Team Registration Ends July 7th
$85 Regular Free Agent Registration Ends July 7th

Register NOW to Save your Spot in the Games!

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Scholarship Request

Axe Throwing
@Bad Axe Throwing Denver

June 14 - 6:30PM
Tickets will be pre-sold to the first 20 people (our max). 
$40 EARLY registration by Friday, May 31
$50 May 31 - June 14

You must pay via VENMO or Square cash to reserve your spot.
VENMO to @Catholic (you should see the CYAS logo)
SQUARE CASH CLICK HERE (online debit card payment - no account needed)

For alternative payment options Gunnar takes under the table tips:


Futsal (Indoor Soccer) League 
@ St Thomas More
(No Catholic ID card check-everyone is welcome)
Sundays March 10th - May 5th 
2 men/women minimum gender ratio on the court

$560/team EARLY registration ends April 1st
$600/team REGULAR registration 
Free Agents are $50 - $10 discount for EARLY registration
 Catholic Young Adult Sports
Unser Go-Karting League 
in partnership with St. Thomas More
July 11th- August 1st
Thursdays from 7-10 pm
$525 EARLY Bird Price Ends June 12th (3 persons/team) 
$200 EARLY Free Agent Price Ends June 12th 
 $600 Regular Team Registration Ends June 27th 
$225 Regular Free Agent Registration Ends june 27th
Free Drink Vouchers for the Top 5 Racers Nightly & 10% Discounts at the Tavern for Everyone
*2 Races per Night - First 7 Races are Time -Trials for Placement in Championship 
Top 2 in Finals get Free Unser Races

Spend Holy Week in Rome 2019
April 12 - April 22: ONLY 3 SPOTS left!


The pilgrimage costs $3000/person ($500 discount before December 8), which includes a ton of awesomeness!
includes most related expenses (travel, lodging, tours tips, etc)
does not include vaccinations, passport fees, incidentals/gifts, gelato, lunch/dinners (except 1 group meal in each city)
50% deposit & application required to reserve your spot

Visit the Vatican, Scavi, Assisi, 4 Major Basilicas in Rome all Included!

Come travel with us to the Eternal City for Holy Week 2019. Experience Holy Saturday in Assisi and Easter Sunday mass in the Vatican! It is a special time to experience with 10 other young adults, and you will not want to miss out on getting a peak into the ancient traditions in Rome as part of Holy Week 2019. Plus, Rome has an amazing experinece of food, culture, shopping, and art that will educate and sophisticate your world view!

Application date extended to Feb 8 to filll last 3 SPOTS!

Download the Application and Travel Information here (includes the general itinerary, planning meetings and payment schedule): 

Apply Today



Anna Mann

Jumping from Rat Race to Purpose

The Latest Story from CYAS - by Kate Anderson
“Once I stormed Heaven, reached out to friends and family, the desire to serve this ministry, specifically CYAS only grew stronger. So I followed the call I truly believe the Holy Spirit put on my heart and can proudly say, I am a CYAS missionary…in training! Praise God!” Mann said.
Read More


CYAS is a 501c3 non-profit charity, meaning donations are tax-deductible to the degree allowed by law. Like nearly all charities we have a revenue generating side through our sports leagues (e.g. red cross sells blood from blood drives) and a larger fundraising/charity side that is the heart of why we do the sports (discipleship through Bible studies, retreats, and mission trips). CYAS'  revenue from leagues is not nearly enough to cover the expenses for a national outreach ministry. In fact, it isn't even enough after expenses for one full-time staff employee. Donations primarily serve our mission in these main areas:

  1. To cover players that receive free scholarships for playing in our leagues (10% of participants)
  2. Expansion of our services in existing locations (including marketing for outreach and the development of formation programs)
  3. Expansion efforts (including our need for support staff and office space to build a national system - think league operation support, national marketing, donation processing and servicing, accounting, legal support, and expansion related travel and training systems)
  4. To pay for our insurance cost (about $10,000/year and growing as we grow)
  5. The ongoing formation, training and community building among our missionaries. They need to be loved in order to continue sharing His love
The captain's deposit is just that, a deposit ensuring us of your teams participation in the league. It is non-refundable, because we get field time and schedule around your team being playable. Captains with unused deposits will normally be offered a league credit, if CYAS is notified before the end of registration that the captain's team will not be in the league.

Full refunds will be provided for any event that we cannot hold due to field scheduling conflicts, lack of interest, or any other cancellation of a league/event on our part.

If a player is injured and will miss the remainder of the league, we suggest they help recruit a permanent sub and ask them to subsidize their fees (please contact us so we are aware of the arrangements & injury, or for help finding possible replacements).

Free agents and donations are non-refundable. Credits may be given to free agents for leagues, if they notify us before registration closes.

We wouldn't be "Catholic" Young Adult Sports if we weren't!

Several teams have both spouses playing and bring babies or kids to be watched by substitutes on the bench or by bringing a friend/relative spectator. Many captains will also let the couple share a team fee and just not play at the same time depending on if the team needs a man or woman. Couples may also free agent and join a team in this method, just contact us if you plan on rotating play and want a discounted team fee.


The Catholic Church is not adverse to the use of alcohol by adults in moderation.In fact, it was customary for Jews to drink wine within religious celebrations and regularly with meals. Jesus himself made good wine abundant at the Wedding of Cana and ultimately transformed wine into the gift of his blood, which we receive at the Catholic mass offered daily. Therefore, we are comfortable with the casual and responsible enjoyment of alcohol and are not adverse to gathering after a game at the local family friendly sports bar for fellowship and to enjoy a drink, and/or meal, in moderation.

We do ask participants to please refrain from consumption during our leagues out of respect for our participants who are opposed to the consumption of alcohol, are underage, and to help us provide a good witness that healthy fun community can exist without the assistance of liquid spirits.

It is CYAS policy that during CYAS events, where alcohol is allowed, only beer and wine may be consumed, no hard liquor or mixed drinks.

JOIN AS A FREE AGENT! We'll place you on a team or create a team of other FAs for you. If you only have a few friends you want to play with you can also ask to be placed together with others on a team or have some FAs added to complete your team.
CYAS has a strategic plan of national growth to reach young adults, evangelize through Bible studies and retreats, and provide awesome kick butt sport leagues, social events and mission trips. We have a hurdle though...missionary staff! We are praying for the Lord of the Harvest to provide laborers. If you know someone interested please send them to this link and suggest they apply to discern with us: www.catholicyoungadultsports.com/career