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Phil Meyer

Illinois-native Moves to Denver and is Drawn to Catholicism

The Latest Story from CYAS - by Kate Anderson
When Phil Meyer moved to Denver from Minnesota last August, he wanted to explore the Catholic faith. He committed to going to weekly Mass, reading the Catechism every night, listening to talks on and homilies by Fr. Mike Schmitz. However, he still had a lot of questions that needed answering.... Phil joined Paul Spotts’ men’s bible study through Catholic Young Adult Sports (CYAS) last year. He immediately felt welcome and was encouraged by the vulnerability of the other men. Phil believes the Catholic Church struggles with fellowship and thinks CYAS is doing a great job in building that community. “I think that Catholic Young Adult Sports is such an important thing,” Phil said.
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CYAS is a 501c3 non-profit charity. Like nearly all charities we have a revenue generating side (e.g. red cross sells blood from blood drives) and a larger fundraising/charity side that helps us achieve our mission (Fellowship & Discipleship through Recreational Sports). CYAS'  revenue from leagues is not nearly enough to cover the expenses for a national outreach ministry. In fact, it isn't even enough after expenses for one full-time staff employee. Yet, we are a relational outreach organization, so we must spend a majority of our time planning leagues & social events, service projects, and activites that help us transition participants into discipleship with Jesus. Donations primarily serve our mission in these main areas:

  1. Expansion of our services in existing locations (including marketing for outreach and the development of formation programs)
  2. Expansion efforts (including our need for support staff and office space to build a national system - think league operation support, national marketing, donation processing and servicing, accounting, legal support, and expansion related travel and training systems)
  3. To cover players that receive free scholarships for playing in our leagues (10% of participants)
  4. To pay for our insurance cost (about $8,000/year and growing with each city)
The captain's deposit is just that, a deposit ensuring us of your teams participation in the league. It is non-refundable, because we get field time and schedule around your team being playable. Captains with unused deposits will normally be offered a league credit, if CYAS is notified before the end of registration that the captain's team will not be in the league.
Full refunds will be provided for any event that we cannot hold due to field scheduling conflicts, lack of interest, or any other cancellation of a league/event on our part.
If a player is injured and will miss the remainder of the league, we suggest they help recruit a permanent sub and ask them to subsidize their fees (please contact us so we are aware of the arrangements & injury, or for help finding possible replacements).
We wouldn't be "Catholic" Young Adult Sports if we weren't!
Several teams have both spouses playing and bring babies or kids to be watched by substitutes on the bench or by bringing a friend/relative spectator. Many captains will also let the couple share a team fee and just not play at the same time depending on if the team needs a man or woman.
The Catholic Church is not adverse to the use of alcohol by adults in moderation.In fact, it was customary for Jews to drink wine within religious celebrations and regularly with meals. Jesus himself made good wine abundant at the Wedding of Cana and ultimately transformed wine into the gift of his blood, which we receive at the Catholic mass offered daily. Therefore, we are comfortable with the casual and responsible enjoyment of alcohol and are not adverse to gathering after a game at the local family friendly sports bar for fellowship and to enjoy a drink, and/or meal, in moderation.
We do ask participants to please refrain from consumption during our leagues out of respect for our participants who are opposed to the consumption of alcohol, are underage, and to help us provide a good witness that their such a thing as healthy fun without the assistance of liquid spirits. The exception will be bowling leagues where alcohol is served by the venue, but still expected to be used in moderation.
JOIN AS A FREE AGENT! We'll place you on a team or create a team of other FAs for you. If you only have a few friends you want to play with you can also ask to be placed together with others on a team or have some FAs added to complete your team.

Board Bios

Louis Krupp graduated from Michigan State University with a Masters degree in Accounting. He then went on to pass the Michigan CPA boards and worked for two years as a staff accountant and parish business manager. He then spent three years in the seminary discerning the priesthood. He currently works for EKS&H as a CPA. He met his fiancee Ashley through a CYAS dodgeball league in 2010 and he is an active volunteer.
Marty Schoch is married to Elizabeth Schoch and a father of 4 children. He is a Senior Director of Procurement at B&G Foods and has worked in many capacities in Operations. Over the last 9 years, he has lead continuous improvement at B&G foods and part of explosive growth of from $400 million in revenue to $1.6 Billion. Marty is a Spartan obstacle course competitor and overall very active in many sports predominately soccer.
John Oglesby is the father of two grown children and is engaged to Vickie Dyer. John is the CEO of a mobile payment company (MobileNOW) and also serves as a parking and transportation consultant to many professional sports leagues. He is also involved with several start-ups and growing organizations, an inventor and an entrepreneur. John attended Catholic schools thru High School, and has been very active nationally with his fraternity foundation and other nonprofits, focused on paying it forward through leadership, mentorship, and creating connections. He is a lifelong Dallas Cowboys & Denver Broncos fan. Yes, both. He has also been to ten (10) Superbowls, one Olympics, and about a dozen World Series games.
Tom Heaton is a Catholic business leader and founder of TrueCore Advisors, LLC, a business management consultant firm serving not-for-profit organizations, financial services and healthcare firms and FINTECH companies. Tom also serves as a chapter leader and charter member of Nos Lumine, a business leadership network for Catholics, established in Columbus, Ohio. Tom and his wife, Kathy, are parents to three adult children. Tom enjoys playing golf in his leisure time.
Laura Daymut is a graduate of Creighton University and the University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine and is a pediatrician for Children’s Hospital Colorado. She also serves as the medical consultant for Camp Wojtyla, a Catholic summer outdoor adventure camp in the Rocky Mountains. She is a life-long athlete, playing flag-football and whatever CYAS league she can fit into her busy schedule. She is a parishioner at St. Thomas More and enjoys reading the lives of the Saints. She is a married to Adam and they recently had their first child.
Art Nutter is married to Katheleen Nutter and father of eight children. He founded TAEUS International Corporation in 1992 as the world’s first engineering company dedicated exclusively to intellectual property. It has since expanded internationally and Art remains as the acting CEO. He is also active on many non-profit Boards. Art has played amateur-pro racquetball and he also enjoys elk-hunting.
Paul Spotts has spent over a decade in relational evangelization ministry, four years of which were in campus ministry with various universities. In 2010, he started Catholic Young Adult Sports after two months of trying to avoid the calling. God’s tug and giving the Lord just an inch has been a work of trying to reach the underserved young adult population ever since. His vision for Catholic Young Adult Sports started with just building community, the key building block to evangelization, but after watching young adults struggle with little leadership and poor formation opportunities, it expanded to give a full path of Catholic discipleship through retreat, mission trips and Bible studies. The sports remain the draw for participation for thousands of Catholics and non-Catholics every year. The vision is large, young adult community everywhere. Every young adult should have a sense of belonging in the Church and a community to encourage them in their faith. He loves playing just about every sport, but especially the ones that he can bring his family to.
Patrick Rivera has been serving the church across the country for over a decade as a Youth, Junior High, Young Adult, and Adult Minister as well as a Worship Leader, FOCUS Missionary and Team Director, Conference Speaker, and most recently as the Director of the Office for Young Adult Ministry for the Diocese of San Diego. He and his wife Margot have four daughters under the age of six.
Theresa Francis graduated from Christendom College in 2014 with a Bachelor’s in History. She is from a family of ten children, and is blessed with a large extended family as well. After working as an Event Manager for almost three years since graduation, Theresa has joined CYAS as a Team Director for Colorado missionaries and leads our outreach at St. Thomas More Parish in Centennial, CO. She loves riding horses, outdoor adventures, and sports of all kinds.
Angela was raised in Front Royal, Virginia and is from a family of 9 children. She graduated from Christendom College in May 2017 with a degree in philosophy. During college, she helped out at the local pregnancy center, got involved in mission trips, played collegiate volleyball, and led the Student Activities Council as Student Body President. Angela is a CYAS missionary that directs our diocese wide outreach in Denver.